My Happy Place

Well, summer is winding down and we are gearing up for a new year.  I’ll be sharing about our upcoming school year in the next few weeks, but first let’s focus on the fun stuff 🙂 !

We just spent four nights at the Natural Bridge Jellystone Campground and had soooo much fun!  I wasn’t sure how it would feel staying in a cabin verses our travel trailer (sold last year), but it wasn’t too bad at all – we got to see what life would be like in a tiny house…a little tight – LOL!

We spent time fishing, riding around on our rented golf cart, tubing down the James, eating dinners out, playing Exploding Kittens (some weird card game that Justin learned about from a friend), and just spending time together.  I LOVE making these memories with my sweet family!  I am treasuring each moment more and more knowing that Brendan will be leaving for college in a year and the boys are now young men.

Cherish every day you have with your kids!!!


3 Days and Counting!!!

That’s right people 🙂 !

The 2017 HEAV convention starts Thursday!  


The handy, dandy rolling cart is out of the attic!


My “convention binder” is almost ready to go…


…with possible sessions highlighted…


…and my volunteer assignment is all set!

I LOVE the convention theme this year:

Building a Strong Foundation

It’s one of the main reasons that we chose to teach our kids at home.  This world that we live in can be a dark and scary place (have you watched the news lately???).  We know that our kids will have to “live in the real world” (yes, we still hear that comment even though both of our boys take classes outside of the home, work in a fast food restaurant with the public, hang out with their friends, and are even allowed outside of our house…gasp – LOL 🙂 ).  We wanted Brendan and Ryan to have time to grow stronger in their faith and know who they were (and Whose they are) before we sent them out into the world.  We wanted them to have a “strong foundation.”

Do we feel like they are totally prepared for life? No way!

Are we completely ready to set them free as they enter adulthood? Nope!

Are we thankful for the extra time we’ve had with them and the chance to build them up in the Lord while they were at home and safe with us? You bet!!!

HEAV 2017

Get ready to be encouraged, strengthened, affirmed, and equipped for your next year of homeschooling!


Do you love to win prizes as much as I do?  Are you good at taking selfies? Well, look for this logo while you’re at convention:


 If you take 10 selfies and post them to social media, you win a prize AND will be entered to win an even bigger prize package!  

Get those smartphones ready and I’ll see you there 🙂 !


changing-times-300x300 - Copy

I am not a big fan of change…just ask my husband 🙂 .  I like routine and predictability. I like to be in my comfort zone…to know what to expect.

But right now I am facing a lot of change.  

Both of my boys are taller than me and don’t need me as much as they used to. They have jobs and our “family time” is much less than it used to be. My youngest is now entering high school and we will no longer sit and learn together as he’ll be doing his work more independently.  I no longer have a school room with fun decorations and shelves full of books and craft projects. My oldest has entered the world of dating (GASP…) and we are learning how to navigate this new season of life. He is also now taking his first online college course and the load is heavy on top of his other responsibilities.


It looks so sad and empty!

I have to admit that I feel a bit lost.

My role as a mom and teacher are different than what I’m used to.


Life is full of changes. What do we do when we feel like it’s transitioning faster than we’re ready for?

I honestly don’t have the answer to that question, but I can tell you what I’m clinging to. I’m holding on to the fact that God is in control. That He has gone before me and that He has plans for me…”plans to prosper me and not to harm me – plans to give me hope and a future.” I remember the precious memories and growth that I’ve seen over the past few years and trust that there is more to come.

I thank God that He never changes. That He is faithful yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

I choose to look forward to the future with anticipation of what He has planned for our family and thank Him for guiding us each step of the way.


There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…  Ecclesiastes 3:1


Don’t forget that the 2017 HEAV Homeschool Convention is less than three weeks away!

 There are lots of moms and dads there that have lived through many of the changes that I’m facing and I look forward to gleaning some of their wisdom!HEAV 2017

Happy Easter (a few days late)!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! The weather was BEAUTIFUL here in Virginia! After celebrating our risen Savior at church, we went on a family picnic.  The kids had fun fishing (even catching a few using JELLY BEANS for bait!), playing ball, and the younger ones enjoyed an egg hunt.  

I love making memories like these and am thankful beyond belief for my family and the time we get to share together!