Is It Thursday Already???

This week is going by soooo fast!  We learned about the great Chicago fire today while we continued reading about Dwight Moody.  Today’s character trait was boldness.  The boys had to look up and read the definitions in two different dictionaries.  We chose our favorite definition and they copied it in their Bible notebooks.  Next, we learned how to write Matthew in Greek and made bookmarks.  The kids took turns reading aloud from the Illustrated World Atlas as we learned more about the United States (demographics, languages, customs, etc.).  We said the Pledge of Allegience, sang the Star Spangled Banner, and listened to the Nifty Fifty song before labeling more states on our blank maps.  For science, we read more about deciduous forests from the Living World Encyclopedia.  I put a fun little Lego set in both of the boys’ workboxes just to break up some of the monotony.  My goal is to “treat” them once a week or so when they have worked hard and had a positive attitude.  Everybody likes to be rewarded for their hard work :)!

I can’t believe how much we can get done in such a short amount of time.  We are usually finished with our lessons and workboxes by lunch time!  It really helps to have everything planned out the night before, including having their workboxes full and ready to go.  I will post more information about workboxes soon.  They have been a life saver! 

I gave the boys a “challenge” today when they were finished eating lunch.  They had to build the tallest building that they could using only paper clips and index cards.  Ryan was a little hestitant at first, but then he started getting into it :).  We ran a few errands this afternoon and even had time for a quick “field trip” to Petsmart! 

Verse of the Day:  The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safeProverbs 18:10

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