Almost Done In The USA:

Well, tomorrow will be the end of our “trip” to the USA.  We will study our country more in depth another year, but very soon we’ll be heading south to Mexico!  As much as I have enjoyed studying our amazing nation, I’m ready to learn more about other countries and cultures!  I wasn’t feeling quite as motivated today…maybe it was just one of those days, maybe I’m tired, or maybe I’m just ready to travel :)!  It’s probably not a coincidence that our character trait today was JOY.  I’m going to work harder tomorrow to be more joyful! 

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Verse of the Day:  (I needed this today – I wasn’t feeling much like “serving” or teaching my kids) 

Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.  Matthew 20:20

This verse helps put things back into perspective.  This is not about me!!!  God has called me to home school and not every day can be “fun” or easy.  I am fully relying on His strength to get me through!  Thank you Father for always being here for me!

One thought on “Almost Done In The USA:

  1. You are right! Everyday is not going to be easy or fun! But, we can have JOY in the midst of “not so fun” days! That’s a promise from God!

    You keep on fully relying on God’s strength, and He WILL provide! God is always faithful!!!

    Love you,


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