Science with Celery

We got lots of work done today including Bible and memory verse work, math, spelling, writing, P.E., geography, and science.  Our experiment involved celery and colored water.  The celery stalk that is in the red water should wilt and not look healthy after 1-2 days because we removed the xylem (the tube-like structures that carry water and nutrients up to the leaves in a plant).  Cells in the celery plant need water to maintain a firm cell wall, so even though it has water it will have no way of transporting that water to its cells.  The celery in the blue water should look healthy and hopefully the leaves will turn blue since it still has the xylem intact.  We’ll see what happens :)!

Verse of the Day:  Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.  And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.   Genesis 1:29-30

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