Tumbling Tuesday :) !

The boys had a special P.E. class today…gymnastics!!!  They had fun swinging, climbing, running, jumping, and tumbling.  The class was perfect, since it’s raining outside and the boys burned lots of energy!

We also tried a craft from Norway called rosemaling.  Ours aren’t quite as detailed or creative as the one in the picture below, but we had fun anyway :).  

Brendan and Ryan finished labeling and coloring the countries in Europe, wrote their Bible verse from dictation, worked on their projects, and completed their workboxes. 

Verse of the Day:  For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.   1 Timothy 4:8

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Hei, Hallo and God Dag from Norway!

We are now on the continent of Europe and will be visiting Norway over the next two weeks.  I was a little worried that the kids might not be very motivated to work after a week off for Thanksgiving break, but they did wonderful!  We started our day by reading a beautiful book called Annika’s Secret Wish by Beverly Lewis.  It’s a sweet story about a young Swedish girl named Annika and her family at Christmastime.  One of the Swedish traditions is to put a single almond into the rice pudding dessert for dinner.  Whoever finds the almond in their pudding makes a wish in hopes that it will come true.  Annika had a very special wish, but made a good choice to share her wish with a family member who needed it more than her (I don’t want to ruin the surprise).  It’s a great reminder of how God wants us to put others before ourselves.

We went over our new Bible verse and the boys copied it for their Bible notebooks.  After prayer time, we read an introduction about Europe and found Norway on the map.  Ryan played the national anthem and local music from Norway on our globe.  Then the boys colored and labeled 11 countries in Europe.  For science, we learned about conifer trees and evergreen forests.  Brendan and Ryan both started their projects for the oral reports that they will give on Friday.  They also finished their workboxes and will go to guitar lessons and the library this afternoon.  Whew!  I’m tired already and it’s only 2:00 in the afternoon :)!

Verse of the Day:  Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.  Psalm 107:1

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Late Entry – Friday’s Field Trip:

Justin and I took the boys to see Annie by a Christian Youth Theater group and it was awesome!!!  Annie was one of my favorite movies growing up and I was super excited to see it live on stage.  The kids in the cast were so talented and full of energy!  We knew two members of the cast and it was neat to see them “doing their thing”  :). The boys both thanked us for taking them and said that they had lots of fun.  We will definitely be going to future CYT productions!

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