Day 6 in Brazil:

What we covered today:

Bible – copied our weekly verse, prayed for the unreached people groups near the Amazon Basin, and read a chapter from Nate Saint

Geography – played the geography game again (we’re getting better :)) and read about South America from The Illustrated World Atlas

Science – learned about the amazing animals that live in or near the Amazon river and went over directions forthe Rainforest Diorama project that will be due in two weeks

Music – danced and listened to several songs from South America and went to guitar lessons

Workboxes – language arts, handwriting, math, extra science, spelling, etc.

* Thank you Father for a great Monday!

Verse of the Day: All your sons will be taught by the Lord, and great will be your children’s peace.  Isaiah 54:13

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One thought on “Day 6 in Brazil:

  1. Hi Guys!

    Loved the South American dancing!!! 🙂 Now, that’s my kind of schooling!

    I love you!


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