Thursday’s Highlights:

We had another productive day today.  Here are the highlights:

Bible – read Matthew 8:18-22, reviewed our weekly verse, had prayer time, read a chapter from The Hiding Place, and started our Advent chain (the kids will remove one link of the chain per day – each link has a name of Jesus and some scripture to read)

Geography – the boys took turns reading aloud from a library book about Norway and played the geography game

Science -( Mom postponed until next week so the boys could finish up their posters and practice their “speeches” for tomorrow :))

We also covered spelling, writing, math, money practice, built a wooden villa, learned a little about WWII, practiced cursive, learned about measurements,  practiced guitar, and did a puzzle.

Name of Jesus:  God With Us   – Luke 2: 1-20

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One thought on “Thursday’s Highlights:

  1. Good morning Brendan and Ryan!

    I said a prayer for you guys this morning! I asked the Lord to help you with your oral presentations, and to help you not be too nervous and that you would enjoy telling the group about your report! I know you will do a great job! 🙂

    See you soon!

    I love you,


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