Christmas in New York!

Justin and I just got back from a 4 day trip to the Big Apple.  It was my birthday surprise/ Christmas present/ Justin’s Christmas present :)!!!  We had lots of fun seeing the sights, eating at some cool “hole in the wall” restaurants, watching the Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes,  laughing at the hilarious “Santacon” partiers, navigating the crazy crowds, and just spending time together!  Brendan and Ryan had a fun weekend too.  They got to spend some time with Grammy and Pappy, visit with their cousins, and spend the night at a friend’s house.

Now, it’s time to get one more week of school done before Christmas break!  It definitely felt like a Monday – we were having a hard time feeling motivated but we plugged along and got it done.  For Bible, we read and copied the second part of our verse, went over the names of Jesus with our Advent chain, and read a chapter in Jotham’s Journey.  Then we played the geography game and read a few pages from the Illustrated World Atlas.  The boys worked on their independent assisgnments which included alphabetical order, learning about Lottie Moon, math, spelling, geography work, and reading.  We watched a video about the migration of monarch butterflies for science and then went to guitar lessons.  Hopefully we will feel more energetic and enthusiastic tomorrow (especially mom :))!

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One thought on “Christmas in New York!

  1. Hi Yall!

    Loved the pictures of NY and the crowds! So glad Mom and Dad had a good time away!

    We had a GREAT time with Brendan and Ryan! I love being with you guys! 🙂

    Yall have a wonderful day!

    Love you,


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