“Guten Tag” from Germany!

I hadn’t planned on taking yesterday off, but decided at the last minute that it would be a school holiday (since everyone else had the day off too :))…the kids didn’t complain a bit – LOL!

Today we crossed the border from France to Germany!  We located Germany on the map and globe, went over basic facts about the country, listened to the national anthem and some local music, and tried to read John 3:16 in German.  I went over our Bible verse for the week and then Brendan and Ryan both copied it for their Bible notebooks.  We also read chapter five in George Muller. 

Lakes, ponds, and river ecosystems will be our focus in science for the next two weeks.  We learned about how God designed lakes and ponds to freeze from the top down in order to preserve the animal life in the water.    Here’s an excerpt from Properties of Ecosystems that helps explain this process:  “No other substance becomes less dense when it freezes.  But because frozen water is less dense than liquid water, it floats.  This provides an insulating barrier during the winter for the animals that live in the lakes and ponds.  If ice did not float, lakes and ponds would freeze solid and the animals would die.”  To learn more about this process, the boys did a science experiment comparing fresh water and salt water as they were exposed to freezing temperatures for one hour.  Very interesting!!!  We also covered reading, spelling, math, P.E. (sorry that the pictures of P.E. are blurry), and writing.

Verse of the Day:  He brought streams also out of the rock, and caused waters to run down like rivers.  Psalm:  78:16

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One thought on ““Guten Tag” from Germany!

  1. Hey everybody!

    Going to Germany now!! Great! It should be lots of fun! I look forward to future posts.

    Love you,


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