Pond Critters!

We had a BLAST today exploring the woods, collecting nature items, and studying our sample of pond water using our Eyeclops :)!  It actually can magnify up to 400 times, but a real microscope may be on next year’s school wish list.  There were all kinds of microscopic organisms swimming around in the water!  We also examined some moss, fungus, pine needles, a shell, berries, thorns, and bark.  The boys and I actually lost track of time and before we knew it an hour and 15 minutes had passed by…time flys when you’re having fun learning!!! 

We enjoyed watching a movie about Berlin while we ate lunch and then headed upstairs to start our “sit down” work.

Today was “National Popcorn Day” so the kids had a special treat in their workboxes.  They had fun learning about the history of popcorn while they munched on their snack!

Verse of the Day:    Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within himJohn 7:38

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One thought on “Pond Critters!

  1. Wow! What was that? All those critters look like some kind of aliens. HA!

    Yall have a wonderful day!

    Looking forward to the guitar recital on Sunday! 🙂

    Love you all,


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