We have “landed” in Kenya and will be here for the next three weeks :)!  Our studies will focus on Kenya, grassland ecosystems, African animals, David Livingstone (missionary to Africa), and the culture of the Kenyan people. 

Today, Brendan and Ryan colored the flag of Kenya while I finished reading George Muller.  He was an amazing man with extraordinary faith that helped thousands of orphans in Europe!  We also started learning our weekly bible verse. We read some basic information about Kenya from the Classroom Atlas, listened to African music, and began coloring and labeling some of the major countries in Africa.  For science, we read about grasslands (from Properties of Ecosystems) and colored and labeled the major grassland areas on a world map.  I let the boys take turns reading aloud a few days a week and they have really improved their fluency and expression over the past few months!  I think hearing me read so many books aloud to them has helped a lot also.  I have loved reading books to my kids for years…from the moment they were born until they started reading independently.  I missed that time of bonding as they were getting older.  I am soooo thankful that homeschooling has provided the extra time to read aloud as a family again!

We had a fantastic first day in Kenya and are excited about all of the cool subjects we get to study over the next few weeks!

Verse of the Day:


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One thought on ““Jambo”!

  1. Hi Everyone!

    On your way to Africa now!!! This should be very interesting. I look forward to hearing all about it through you blog!

    Have a wonderful day!

    I love you all so much!


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