Field Trip!

We went on a fun field trip to Maymont this morning.  Here’s the description of the program:

Homeschool Mornings at Maymont:  James River

Learn about this natural resource that runs through downtown Richmond.  Discover what a watershed is while investigating factors that affect water quality.  A hands-on experiment helps students to understand how pollutants end up in the James River.

It was perfect for what we’re studying in science – once again, God led me to a wonderful resource :)!  The group got to “pollute” their water source with pesticides, oil, fertilizer, trash, and manure.  Then they made it “rain” which caused the pollutants run into the lake.  Very cool!  After the class, we got to explore the nature center and learn more about the animals that live in or near the James River.  There was a Muslim family at the Nature Center that were dressed in the traditional clothing (including the full face covering), so we also got to talk a little more about Islam and it’s customs.  What a great day!!!

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“Ahlan” from Saudi Arabia:

We crossed the border into Saudi Arabia this morning and are excited to learn about the continent of Asia!  The boys found Saudi Arabia on the map and globe and listened to the national anthem and some of the local music.  We read about the religion of Islam and learned some ways that we can pray for Muslims to know the truth about Jesus.  Brendan and Ryan colored the flag of Saudi Arabia while I read another chapter about David Livingstone.  Next, they copied the weekly Bible verse.  For Science, we read about how humans impact the environment and completed a worksheet to help us think about how we personally can effect the ecosystems around us.  We watched a wonderful video called “What is Islam?” during lunch and then discussed the differences between Islam and Christianity.  Now, we’re off to guitar lessons :)!

Verse of the Day:  Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  John 14:6

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Enjoying Springlike Weather!

We had another good day and started off with playing “Telling Time” Bingo (great practice for reading those “old-fashioned” analog clocks :)).  Then we had Bible time, practiced our verse, and continued reading about David Livingstone’s adventures in Africa.  The boys both did great with their spelling tests and workbox assignments!  We squeezed in a visit to the dentist and then had “P.E.” on the tennis court again – we’re loving this 70 degree weather in February!  Tomorrow will be our last day in Kenya and then we’re heading to the continent of Asia!  There are two pictures of the boys’ “man cave” below.  We’re shopping for new comforters, so hopefully I will have pictures of their bedroom posted  sometime next week.

Verse of the Day: 

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Brotherly Love:

Whew…we’ve had a BUSY day!  Today’s art project included making our very own African drums.  It was fun, but not the quietest craft we’ve ever made – LOL!  Other highlights from the past two days:  fun math games, learning about animals that live underground, watching a cool video about zebras, relay races at P.E., church activities, and all of the usual subjects!

Brendan and Ryan have some news…they have tons of fun spending time together and have truly become friends over the past few months.  Ryan has been sleeping in Brendan’s room several nights a week and yesterday they decided that they’d like to share a room!  The plan was to put both beds in “Ryan’s” room and make “Brendan’s” room the “man cave” 🙂 with the futon, computer desks, toys, etc.  We started working on it this afternoon (see the pictures below) and will post more pics tomorrow.  As my brother-in-law would say, “it does my heart good”!

Verse of the Day:  Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.  Romans 12:10

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