Enjoying Springlike Weather!

We had another good day and started off with playing “Telling Time” Bingo (great practice for reading those “old-fashioned” analog clocks :)).  Then we had Bible time, practiced our verse, and continued reading about David Livingstone’s adventures in Africa.  The boys both did great with their spelling tests and workbox assignments!  We squeezed in a visit to the dentist and then had “P.E.” on the tennis court again – we’re loving this 70 degree weather in February!  Tomorrow will be our last day in Kenya and then we’re heading to the continent of Asia!  There are two pictures of the boys’ “man cave” below.  We’re shopping for new comforters, so hopefully I will have pictures of their bedroom posted  sometime next week.

Verse of the Day: 

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One thought on “Enjoying Springlike Weather!

  1. Hey Yall!

    I love the “man cave!” I love the musical corner and the computer and desk area. Yall enjoy your new room arrangement.

    Have a great weekend!

    I love you all,


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