Field Trip!

We went on a fun field trip to Maymont this morning.  Here’s the description of the program:

Homeschool Mornings at Maymont:  James River

Learn about this natural resource that runs through downtown Richmond.  Discover what a watershed is while investigating factors that affect water quality.  A hands-on experiment helps students to understand how pollutants end up in the James River.

It was perfect for what we’re studying in science – once again, God led me to a wonderful resource :)!  The group got to “pollute” their water source with pesticides, oil, fertilizer, trash, and manure.  Then they made it “rain” which caused the pollutants run into the lake.  Very cool!  After the class, we got to explore the nature center and learn more about the animals that live in or near the James River.  There was a Muslim family at the Nature Center that were dressed in the traditional clothing (including the full face covering), so we also got to talk a little more about Islam and it’s customs.  What a great day!!!

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One thought on “Field Trip!

  1. Wow Guys!

    What a fun day and a good day of learning at the same time! I didn’t realize that Maymont had such a great learning facility!!

    Good thing you were inside! It poured rain here and we had thunder and lightning! Hope yall didn’t get wet going home.

    Have a great day!

    Love you,


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