Snowy Monday!

We took it somewhat easy today because we were out late last night after seeing “The Music Man” by CYT (Christian Youth Theater).  The play was great and I was amazed again at how talented the kids in the show are!  The strange weather has continued…it snowed all morning and is supposed to be close to 70 degrees by the end of the week!  We will be memorizing The Lord’s Prayer over the next few weeks.  I decided to teach the King James Version since that is the most commonly recited version.  Brendan and Ryan copied the first section of the prayer this morning.  We learned about the Kurds from Window on the World and continued in our Amy Carmichael biography.  We also learned more about pollution and estimated how much trash our family produces per year – almost 1,500 pounds  – WOW!!!  We learned about the many uses of camels in the Middle East and how God made their feet large and round so that they can walk in the sand without sinking.  The boys also spent time reading, practicing guitar, and completed their math lessons.  A good friend (and previous teacher) gave me a wonderful idea to help motivate Ryan to master his multiplicatoin tables.  He will earn one “ice-cream scoop” for every times table that he memorizes until he earns a trip to Brusters :)!  He knows most of them already but I want him to be able to recite them from memory, not by figuring out the answers in his head.  Brendan also wants to practice his 12 times tables and will get ice-cream too! 

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One thought on “Snowy Monday!

  1. Hello!

    So glad you all enjoyed the play last night! They are mighty talented kids, aren’t they!

    1500 lbs of trash! Wow! Who knew we could accumulate so much trash!

    I want to go to Brusters for ice cream! Smart Teacher! 🙂

    Love you all,


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