Terrific Thursday!

We started our day by practicing the ACTS method of prayer.  I printed and cut out slips of paper naming attributes of God for the boys to read aloud during the adoration time and they did great!  They finished copying the Lord’s Prayer from dictation and after reviewing it, they almost have it completely memorized – yeah :)!  Brendan and Ryan got to paint and decorate their own Taj Mahals while I read from Amy Carmichael.  We went over some “fascinating facts” about India and completed a crosswod puzzle to review the information. 

We also completed day 3 from our “Passport To India” journey.  “Passport To India” is a wonderful program in which each child recieves a passport (they add a sticker and answer 2 questions daily) and a “suitcase” to collect money.  Each dollar that we collect will help send one child to a Children’s Bible Club in India.  We watch a 4-6 minute video each day and follow our tour guide, Chris as he explores India and learns about the customs, culture, and people.  It’s a free program and anyone can sign up at www.mypassporttoindia.org

The boys also covered language arts, math, science, etc. and then headed outside to enjoy the 80 degree day!!!  Thank you Father for another awesome day at the Hatfield house :)!

Verse of the Day:


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One thought on “Terrific Thursday!

  1. Hi Guys,

    I love your Taj Mahals! You did a great job!

    Wow! Ryan needs one more “scoop” and then look out, Brusters, here he comes!! Yummy 🙂

    Ok, guys, you do know that it is still “Winter.” Spring does not start until March 20! And, you are outside getting soaked with the water hose. HA! Sure feels like summer, doesn’t it.

    Yall have a great afternoon!

    I love you,


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