Brusters :)!!!

THEY DID IT!  Brendan practiced his 12’s and Ryan finally mastered all of his multiplication tables – WOO, HOO!  They both enjoyed a brownie sundae from Bruster’s as their reward.  I’m very proud of their hard work and diligence!

We will be studying India for the rest of the week and have a fun field trip planned where we’ll get to sample authentic Indian cuisine.  We reviewed our new verse and the boys copied it for their Bible notebooks.  Next, they worked on a perler bead craft while I completed several read alouds (Amy Carmichael, science, and geography).  Brendan and Ryan were not thrilled with today’s very tedious craft, but it proved to be a good lesson in perserverence – LOL!  Spelling, Math,and guitar went great and now the kids are outside working on their fort.  We are loving the beautiful spring weather!!!

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One thought on “Brusters :)!!!

  1. Hi Brendan and Ryan,

    Congratulations guys on mastering all of your multiplication tables! Wow, did that brownie sunday look yummy! And, what a nice treat from your teacher! Wish I could have been there to help you eat it! HA!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Love you,


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