Today, we got to watch chemical reactions and blow things up – it doesn’t get any better for boys than that :)!  Our first experiment used toothpaste that we pushed up through some dirt to demonstate how magma pushes the ground up from underneath to form volcanoes.  Then we got to “erupt” our big volcano using baking powder and vinegar.  The kids also built smaller volcanoes using playdough and had fun doing the experiments again, and again, and again!!!

We continued learning how to praise God during our morning prayer time.  Then we covered the usual subjects, watched Passport to India, played the geography game (and did much better this time), did a few chores, and  finished our workbox assignments.  We also took a quick “field trip” to the local tractor store to see the baby chicks – I was much more excited to see them than the boys were :). 

Our new (and short-term) pets are doing fine.  They have been named “Lazy the Lizard” and “Hoppy the Toad”.  We picked up some live crickets at Pet Smart last night and both are eating well!  Don’t worry, they will be released back into their natural habitats in another day or two – LOL!  What a fun last two days of school!!! 

Bible Theme of the Day:  FROG = Fully Rely On God


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One thought on “Eruptions!!!

  1. Hi Guys,

    Well, looks like your volcanos erupted successfully! Looked like lots of fun!

    How is Lazy and Hoppy? Have you released them back into the wild?

    Yall have a great Monday!

    I love you,


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