Field Trip Friday!

What a great way to end our time in India…a trip to a wonderful Indian restaurant :).  The owner was great!  He actually made special pizzas for Brendan and Ryan and let them try a delicious mango drink.  Justin had a veal dish and I had tikka masala chicken.  We also tried a yummy coconut and tomato based soup and naan (flat bread).  Brendan liked the new foods…Ryan ate a lot of bread (enough said :)) – but at least he tried some new things!

We watched out last Passport to India video and the boys both gave some money to send children to Bible clubs in India.  Between their contributions and collecting spare change that we found around the house, we were able to send 16 kids to learn about Jesus – WOO, HOO!!!  I am so proud of Brendan and Ryan’s willingness to share with others!

We also covered writing, math, geography vocabulary cards, and our missionary biography.  Goodbye India – it’s been an exciting adventure!

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One thought on “Field Trip Friday!

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Loved looking at the pictures of Indian foods! Yummy! 🙂 I know Justin enjoyed his food! And, Brendan and Ryan, I am proud of you for trying something new!

    And, I am proud of you for giving to the children in India! God will bless you for sharing and He will bless the little ones in India, too!

    Love to you all!


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