China Bound!

Ni Hao!  We are super excited to be visiting China for the next two weeks.  Today’s fun activities included learning how to play Chinese Checkers and trying to eat with chopsticks :).  We finished our Amy Carmichael biography, reviewed and copied a new Bible verse, read about Christianity in China, learned how animals have adapted to living in towns and cities with people, completed eight workboxes, and got to help arrange some music at guitar lessons.

Verse of the Day:


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One thought on “China Bound!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Here you go–off to China! This should be two good weeks of study! But I think sticky rice would have been easier than Teddy Grahams to pick up with chop sticks! HA! You look like you got a handle on it though.

    My daddy loved playing Chinese Checkers!!! He wanted to play every night! It is a fun game, once you know the rules.

    Yall have a wonderful day!

    I love you bunches,


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