Presentation Day!

Today the boys got to give their presentations on volcanoes and chocolate.  Both of them did great and I can tell that the group has boosted their confidence in public speaking.  I feel like I haven’t updated much, so here are the highlights from our week:

– We have continued learning about the culture of Japan (sushi, origami, etc.).

– The kids participated in the Presidential Physical Fitness tests in P.E.

– Sad news…our triops babies all died when I changed their water :(.

-Exciting event…our toilet EXPLODED yesterday!!!  Luckily, we were home and heard the noise.  I turned the water off , the boys grabbed every towel we own, and we soaked up the mess before too much leaked downstairs (we only noticed one softball sized spot on the kitchen ceiling – whew)!

-As a result of the above incident, I have done LOTS of laundry for the last two days :).

*** Now we are going to enjoy our (hopefully, uneventful) weekend – LOL!

Verse of the Day:


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