Goodbye Japan!

Believe it or not, we have finished Japan already!  The boys worked hard and did some extra work each day so that we could finish early.  Our “motivation” is that we want to be finished by the time (if not before) public school gets out for summer vacation :).   Brendan and Ryan were both able to recite their memory verses this morning!  We finished our biography about Gladys Aylward yesterday (great book).  Ryan finished reading Little House on the Prairie and is now starting Farmer Boy.  Brendan continues to be an amazing reader – he finished Bruchko (an assigned book from our curriculum) and has now moved on to White Fang.  We finished our lessons on oceans and estuaries.  The kids have done lots of writing this week also.  Brendan is sailing along in Math 7 and Ryan is almost finished with Math 3!  Next week we will travel to Russia – have a great weekend!!!

Verse of the Day:

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye Japan!

  1. I guess I should come out of hiding! I’ve been following along since you sent out the email. Remember, not everyone finishes the whole book for the year. Some just start where they left off the next year. Another job of being in charge! MFW looks fun. If only my kiddos would be in the same level together. Ahhh well.. maybe another season! You HAVE inspired me to actually use my homeschooling blog. I reserved a name and then never did anything with it!

  2. *joy* of being in charge…

  3. Hi guys!

    You’re finished with Japan already? Wow! Well, it sounds like you learned a lot and that you did a great job. Now, you are moving on to Russia. That should be very interesting!

    And, you are going to be finished with school soon and out for the summer. Wahoo!!

    Looking forward to spending time with you this week!

    Love you,


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