2 thoughts on “Tuesday Treats!

  1. Spring break is just around the corner, ending ten months of home school. I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you Amy! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to follow along each day and see the things being studied. Being able to not only read the things you were doing, but also to see the pictures. You have accomplished many things over the years Amy, but this is by far the highlight. I can only imagine the fulfillment and personal reward you must feel. You are an awesome individual, mother and wife. Thanks again for letting us share in this magnificent journey you and the boys have traveled. Love You William

  2. Hi everyone,

    Wow! What a fun last day of PE! Ryan, did your team win in tug-of-war? Brendan, you look like you were having fun scooting across the gym floor seated on a “rump” skate board! 🙂

    And, I love the little koala bears yall made. Did they taste good?

    Yall have a good evening!

    I love you,


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