2 thoughts on “All Done!!!


    Can you believe it? You all made it through your first year of homeschooling! Amy, the best teacher ever!!! And, Brendan and Ryan, the smartest students in the Hatfield School!!! You all did FANTASTIC! I am so proud of you!!! And, I look forward to next Fall and “going to school” with you through your wonderful homeschooling blog!

    Have a fun summer, my sweet grandsons! 🙂 And, Teacher/Mama, you get lots R&R! You deserve it!

    Thank you, Lord, for blessing Amy, Brendan and Ryan with a great homeschooling year! What an AWESOME GOD You are!



  2. Wow! I am sooooooo proud of you! 4th and 7th grade here you come! Amy, you are so wonderful and what an awesome job you have done! I am blessed to have a sister like you and 2 very smart and very cool nephews too!
    Love you bunches!
    Auntie Steph.

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