Back from Philadelphia Safe and Sound!

Brendan made it back to church around 5:30 tonight and said that he had an “awesome” time serving on his first mission trip!  He worked with children at a community center, packed boxes for a food bank, and worked in a thrift shop.  He met some really neat people including a woman who escaped persecution in a Middle Eastern country. Her husband threatened to kill her after she converted from Islam to Christianity, so she escaped to the US to live with her son.  Brendan also met a Vietnam veteran who helped to drive away drug dealers in his neighborhood.  It’s pretty crazy to hear your child talking about crack houses and persecution – heavy stuff.  Brendan loved the worship services and came home wanting to get an electric guitar so he can learn some new praise songs.

One of the chaperones told me that Brendan “did great” and that he’s an “outstanding young man”.  I am one proud mama :)!  Brendan shared lots of funny stories,  explained some minor accidents (see pictures of the bruises below), and told me that he can’t wait for the next trip.  He wants to grow his guitar skills and continue working with kids – it’s such a privilege to watch him discover the gifts that God has given him!  I’m sure we’ll hear more details over the next few days.  We are glad to have him home – thanks for all of your prayers!

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P.S. – The new signs on Brendan’s bedroom door were his doing…don’t ask 😉

One thought on “Back from Philadelphia Safe and Sound!

  1. Hi Brendan,


    I’m so happy to hear that you had a great time and that God gave you sooo many wonderful experiences as you served Him in Phladelphia! I am so proud of you, handsome grandson!!!! You are growing into a fine young man. I know God has amazing plans for you! I’m praying you will love God with all your heart and that you will continue to serve Him always.

    I can’ t wait to hear all about your trip! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    I love you,


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