Native Nature at Maymont:

Ryan LOVED going to summer camp at Maymont over the past week!  He only had five kids in his class and three teachers, so he got lots of attention :).  The class was called Native Nature and the children learned about animals that live in Virginia, played lots of fun games, made some cool crafts, went on hikes and scavenger hunts around the park and nature center, got to ride the tram, and lots of other fun activities.  There was only one other boy in Ryan’s class named Carl and they became fast friends.  In fact, they are talkng to each other on the phone as I write this!  I’m so glad that Ryan had a good experience at camp!

Brendan is coming home tomorrow.  We’ve gotten a few updates and it sounds like everyone is tired, but having fun and working hard.  I wish that I could share pictures of his mission trip, but I forgot to send him with a camera :(.  I’m hoping that some of the adults took pictures and that they will share!

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Almost done organizing!!!

I’ve been working on getting next year organized a little bit at a time and I thnk I’m almost finished – woo, hoo!  I have a few more things to get together, one scheduling kink to work through, and a few field trips to schedule in the next couple of weeks.  Our first day of school will be on August 20th – the boys are thrilled ;)!  I took some pictures of our curriculum and some of the ways that I’m organizing our schoolwork this year.  I’ll share more details about what we’ll be studying soon.  Here are the pictures:

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We’ve had a great summer so far, although it has been a little too warm for my taste (a heat index of over 105 degrees is NOT fun). The boys and I have been to the pool a lot, seen several movies, joined the summer reading program at the library, have worked on math several times, and have enjoyed relaxing with friends and family.  Brendan is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this week on a mission trip and Ryan is attending a camp at Maymont called Native Nature.  I’ll let everyone know how Brendan’s trip is going whenever I get an update.  I hope everyone is having a fun vacation!!!