Week One of CTG is finished already!

Well, My Father’s World has done it again :).  They have made homeschooling easy for me as a mom/teacher and fun for the kids!  Today we finished the sixth and seventh day of creation and painted a spice box for our future Sabbath dinner.  The spices are symbolic of the spices used to dress Jesus’ body and how the sweet fragrance of a day of rest (Sabbath) should follow us throughout the week.  The boys have had a great transistion back into the school year and I’m very proud of them!

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One thought on “Week One of CTG is finished already!

  1. Hey Everybody!

    Glad you had a good first week back to school! It’s been an interesting week to me as I have read your blog and looked at the great pictures your teacher has taken! I’m sure you have learned lots of new stuff and that you are getting smarter every day. I’m proud of all of you!

    Love to you all!


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