Sabbath Monday???

Because I know how crazy our weekends usually are, I decided that we’d celebrate our Shabbat dinner tonight…why not?  It was lots of fun, lots of work, and hopefully created lots of memories for Brendan and Ryan.  We incorporated some of the symbolism that we have been learning about:

candles – Jesus is “the Light of the World” and we are to be a light for others

grape juice – represents Jesus’ shed blood

spice box – as a reminder of the annointing of Jesus’ body and to remember the sweet fragrance of the Sabbath meal that lingers

challah bread and covering – the braided bread is symbolic of arms that are crossed and not able to work and the covering is symbolic of the dew that was on the ground before God provided the manna to the Israelites in the desert

(I also included a picture of the price tag on the back of one of our china plates – Justin and I have been married for 15 1/2 years and tonight is the first night that we have ever used it – LOL!)

We had a blast with our science experiments today!  Ryan learned about fiber optics and how light travels (the picture below of the tin can, flashlight, and water in the sink was actually taken in the dark).  Brendan’s experiment involved the speed of atoms in relation to different temperatures.  My mom sent me a video last week of a really cool egg seperating “experiment”.

The video is in japanese, but you can see how it works at  We tried it and it really works! In fact, it works better than any egg seperator that I’ve ever owned :)!

What an AWESOME day!!!

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2 thoughts on “Sabbath Monday???

  1. I love your activities! I’m ALMOST ready to get our school schedule back together. Almost!

  2. Hi Amy,

    What a beautiful Shabbat dinner you prepared and what a wonderful way to teach the boys! They did a great job with the braided bread and I bet it was yummy!

    By the way, their t-shirts look great on them! 🙂

    Love you,


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