Adam and Eve Sinned :(

Today was a little more laidback than yesterday…whew!  We read about the beginning of sin and the consequences that it has caused for all of humankind as descendants of Adam and Eve.  The boys colored while I read (it’s good to keep those hands busy :)) and then summarized the story in their own words.  We read the shapter two in our first read aloud called The Tanglewoods’ Secret by Patricia St. John.  Other highlights included learning more about our greek word (sauros), building small dinosaur 3-D puzzles, researching more about Adam and Eve, practicing cursive, and completing workbox assignments.

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One thought on “Adam and Eve Sinned :(

  1. I needed some encouragement today and went through your archives. My kids are working through CTC this year. I wonder, where did you find the worksheets for the Latin/Greek words? I really dislike using the 3 x 5s and would prefer to have them in a binder.

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