Time to Build the Ark!

We read the account of Noah’s Ark in Genesis this morning and learned many details that we don’t normally think about.

Some interesting facts:

It took Noah and his family 120 years to build the ark (and many people mocked and laughed at them during all of those years instead of repenting and saving themselves and their families 😦 )

Noah was 480 years old when he started, and 600 when the ark was finished (it makes me tired just thinking about it – LOL!)

The ark was 450 feet long (about 1 and 1/2 football fields)!

There was no way to navigate the ark…God was in complete control of where it went, the speed it travelled, when it was time to get out, and how the story would end. (Noah had AMAZING faith!!!)

Brendan and Ryan constructed models of the ark with cardstock while I read.  They also had a lesson in art today and both seem to be very artistic so far!  Yesterday was extremely busy (school all morning, dentist appointments at 2:00, guitar lessons at 4:00, and a cookout for the youth from 5:00-7:30).  Now, Brendan seems to be coming down with a cold so we’ll probably be taking it easy for the next few days.

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