Time to Study Ancient Egypt!

We will be studying Ancient Egypt in depth over the next few weeks and started off today by looking at Egyptian farming.  Some of the crops grown by Egyptians included pomegranates, figs, beans, peas, wheat, and barley.  Our Greek word for the week is “graph” which means to write or draw.  We continue to learn the books of the Old Testament and are now up to Esther.  Ryan learned how to build different types of pyramids (and a cube) for his science lesson and Brendan finished his science study guide at the dentist office (as Ryan got sealants on his molars).  We also started spelling, worked on grammar, had an art lesson, and completed the usual subjects.  Now the kids are outside enjoying this beautiful fall weather…P.E. :)!  I’m going to cook dinner and then head to my first homeschool support group meeting of the year – woo, hoo!!!

I also took pictures of our “newly renovated” laundry room (see below).  My wonderful husband painted the room, installed new cabinets and shelves (for my couponing stockpiles :)), and even put in a new light!  It looks great…thanks Justin!!!

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