Day Two:

We started off our day by stopping by the Mars/Dove factory to see if they gave free tours…no such luck (hey, it was worth a shot).  Next, we were off to visit the Mennonite Information Center and Biblical Tabernacle.  It was sooo cool to go inside an exact replica of the tabernacle and learn more about the details.  No pictures were allowed inside.  The boys listened attentively (for the most part – LOL) and I hope that they’ll remember some of what they learned when we study the tabernacle later this year.  We were excited to find “real” shofars in the gift shop…too bad they were over $200 each!  We had a picnic lunch and decided to try a farm tour after seeing a brochure about it.  It was called Farmland Fun at Verdant View ( and it ended up being everybody’s FAVORITE activity that we did all week :)!  The boys got to catch chickens in the chicken coop (HILARIOUS), pet goats and sheep, play with “Scooby” the farm owner’s dog, milk a cow, feed calves their dinner, go on a wagon ride, swing on a tree swing, play with kittens, and learn the ins and outs of a dairy farm.  It was AWESOME!!!

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4 thoughts on “Day Two:

  1. Glad you had such a great time. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Wow! These photos are Great! Looks like you guys had so much fun! I want to feed the calf! How sweet!

  3. I want to go! What a realiy fun thing to do! Yall would make good farmers—Farmer Brendan and Farmer Ryan. Brother Hatfields had a farm–eeii…eeii…oooo! 🙂



  4. We used to live in Lancaster! I loved it when we visited the tabernacle. I wish I had it around now while we’re going through CTG. I love your blog! I’m also glad you’re a few weeks ahead of me so I can get some ideas. 🙂 Blessings, Vicki from the MFW board

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