Just Back From Vacation!

We got home today from a 7 day trip to Pennsylvania – we had THE BEST TIME!!!  The weather was beautiful, there were no crowds (except for Saturday), and the kids learned lots of new things while having fun!  We also took over 850 pictures, so I’ll just be able to share some of them :).  We’ll start with day one which included a yummy tour of the Turkey Hill factory, a visit to The Amish Village, a horse and buggy ride, and  watching Jonah at the Sight and Sound Theater which was AWESOME!  More to come…

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One thought on “Just Back From Vacation!

  1. Wow! Yall were having so much fun! I told Pappy about eating all the ice cream you want to to eat and he is ready to go! Ha!

    Glad the weather was good and that you all had a great time! Now, it’s back to school and back to work! Bummer!

    Thank you for the strawberry preserves and the sweet little birds. They are setting on my shelf in the bathroom.

    Love you,


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