A Godly Woman:

For those of you who don’t know, I have worked part-time as a recreation therapist in a retirement home for over fifteen years and LOVE my job!  I enjoy keeping the residents active, hearing their amazing stories, participating in fun activities, and just being part of their lives.

We lost a sweet lady this week and this picture reminded me of her.  She always had a beautiful smile on her face and would tell me everytime she saw me that she was glad to see me.  She would even tell me that she loved me!  I know that she said this to many people, but it always brightenend my day and made me feel special.  As her health declined and she became more confused,  she would often cry and say that she “missed home”.  She would say to herself “Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me”…almost as if He was whispering it into her ear.  Now she is in her forever home and is celebrating with her heavenly Father.  Although I will miss her, I know that I’ll get to see her again someday and thank her personally for bringinga little extra happiness to my life.

I hope and pray that I can be a light to others in the same way…that I show love, make others smile, and bring joy to a dark world.  What a wonderful legacy to leave!

2 thoughts on “A Godly Woman:

  1. Thanks for sharing this story about this sweet lady! What a blessing for you that the Lord allowed you to share in the care for her while in Cedarfield. And, now she is celebrating her homecoming with the Lord!

    Thank you for letting your light shine and for letting others see Jesus in you!

    Love you,

  2. You are already an inspiration to people. You are amazing! People love your smile. 🙂 Thank you for continuing to care for our residents!

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