Cool Water Experiment!

We are continuing with our study of Ancient Egypt and learned about how the Egyptians made “paper” from papryus plants today.  We read more about the covenant that God made with Abraham and why some people’s names are changed in the Bible.  We will continue to review the books of the Old Testament and started learning about the first two of the Ten Commandments.  The boys had P.E. this afternoon and then we experimented with air and water.  We balled up a piece of paper, stuffed it into the bottom of a cup, turned the cup upside down, and lowered it into the water.  After pulling the cup back up, the paper was still dry!  We talked about how air takes up space (volume and mass) and how the water couldn’t get into the cup because the cup was already filled with air.  Ryan and I watched a science video about liquids while Brendan did his math lesson.  Now it’s time to get ready for tomorrow’s schoolwork and start perparing for dinner – blessed to be busy :)!!!

P.S. – It was freezing up in the schoolroom this morning…hence the heater, blankets, and sweatshirts – just making sure the kids stay awake – LOL!

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