10-11-12 !!!

Brendan and Ryan watched several videos (God Destroys Sodom and Gomorrah and songs about the books of the Old Testament) while they colored and put together Egyptian courtyards.  Only the very wealthy had such elaborate courtyards in their homes.  As part of their Election Unit Study, both kids got to choose a president to do a short report on.  Ryan chose George Bush Sr. and Brendan chose George Washington.  It was another good project to help with research skills.  We did an experiment for science that demonstrated how air has weight by blowing up a balloon and seeing that it was heavier that the same balloon with no air.  We finished a National Geographic video during lunch where the scientists actually mummified a real body using the same techniques that the Egyptians did!  Ryan had to get a tooth pulled this afternoon and did great (he did not want any pictures taken for the blog – LOL :)).

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One thought on “10-11-12 !!!

  1. Great job on the Eygptian pictures, grandsons!

    Glad the tooth pulling is over with! Ryan, hope you are not having too much pain!

    Love yall,

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