Who wants to Debate?

Today, as part of our election study, we learned the requirements to become President, reviewed some election related vocabulary, and watched parts of the Presidential Debate that aired last week.  The boys were thrilled with the issues discussed during the debate (LOL :))…thank goodness for fast forward!

We read about Abraham sending Ishmael and his mother out to the desert during Bible and how God provided for them when they ran out of water.  We reviewed the OT books of the Bible and the first two commandments again.  I think we’ve just about got it! Woo, hoo!

The boys also completed spelling, writing, math, reading, guitar practice, and are putting the final touches on their Amish and Ice Cream reports.

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One thought on “Who wants to Debate?

  1. Ha! Predential debates can be boring! Don’t you agree, Brendan and Ryan? But, stay with it. Who knows, you may grow to like it! It is important information to know.

    Keep up the good work, Teacher!



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