God Will Provide!

We had an awesome discussion this morning about the time God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son, Isaac.  We talked about how Abraham and Isaac must have felt  and how God sacrificed his only Son to save us!  Both boys wrote great summaries of the story for their Bible notebooks.  We added the third of the Ten Commandments and our new Greek word is philia.  We had beautiful weather for P.E. and the kids had fun playing flag football with their buddies.

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One thought on “God Will Provide!

  1. Wow! What a great learning experience you guys had today! To hear the story of God telling Abraham to sacrifice his only son and trying to understand how Abraham must have felt. Then to know that our God loved us so much that He would send His only Son to die for us………What an awesome, loving God.

    Thank you, Lord, with all my heart……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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