Report Day!!!

Brendan and Ryan both did a fantastic job on their reports this afternoon – I’m so proud of them!  We had so much fun listening to the various reports which included Canada, Niagara Falls, guitars, and Little House in the Big Woods.  We had sooo much food!  In addition to our ice cream and blackberry jam samples, we also tried hasty pudding and poutine ( a Canadian specialty of french fries with gravy and cheese). YUM :)!  I also included a few pictures of the “fort” that the boys have been working on out in the woods near our house – it looks awesome!  Now, the weekend is here and we have big plans to hang out with friends and family…see everybody on Monday!

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One thought on “Report Day!!!

  1. Hi Brendan and Ryan,

    Great job on your reports on Friday! I’m sure everyone enjoyed them as much as I did! The other reports looked very interesting, too.

    Love the fort!:)

    Love you all very much!


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