Playing with Fire ;) !!!

Don’t worry…I supervised the experiment and the kids got the usual “don’t play with matches” lecture :).  Ryan is still learning about air, including oxygen and carbon dioxide.  Our greek word for the week is phobos, which means fear.  We added the 5th commandment about keeping the Sabbath holy (one of my favorites…LOVE my Sunday naps – LOL!).  We read about Jacob, Leah, and Rachel during our Bible time and then learned about how the twelve tribes of Israel descended from this generation.  We also learned what each of the names meant and talked again about how important names were in Bible times.  The boys had P.E. this afternoon and enjoyed playing capture the flag and dodgeball.  We also read a cool article from the Richmond Times Dispatch about an artist who builds realistic statues using Legos – and then we got to try!  It’s not easy, but the boys did a great job!

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One thought on “Playing with Fire ;) !!!

  1. Hi everybody!

    Love your Lego hand, Brendan! Love your Lego person, Ryan! And, Amy, love your little Lego person???



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