God Never Forgets!

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Todays highlights:

– made a cloud in a bottle – VERY COOL!!!

– learned how to draw eyes for art

– writing (Ryan wrote a sweet letter to Justin and Brendan rocked his assignment!!!)

– read about how Joseph interpreted dreams while he was in jail: talked about how the cupbearer forgot Joseph when he was released from jail, but that God NEVER forgets us!!!

– made birthday cards for Grammy

– went over the fifth commandment (honor your father and your mother) and our greek word for the week is syn (means with or together)

– prayed and thanked God for keeping us safe during the storm (we also thanked Him that we still have power :))

One thought on “God Never Forgets!

  1. Thank you all for helping me celebrate my birthday! I loved my cards! And, I love the verse picture and the gift card for Family Christian store. Looking forward to spending it! Ha!

    Brendan, hope your visit to the library wasn’t too long! HA!



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