November ALREADY???

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Can you believe that October is over???  Everybody here had a fun and safe Halloween…we are blessed to have such a caring, safe community.  I love that Brendan and Ryan have grown up with our neighbors and that they are making memories and friendships that will last a lifetime!  Today, Brendan and Ryan “sculpted” clay pots while I read our Bible for the day (story of Joseph’s brother travelling to Egypt to buy grain during the famine), read about Egyptian art, and read another chapter from Stars of Light.  We also took time to discuss and compare several of the main issues between Obama and Romney (only 5 more days of commercials – woo, hoo!!!).  Ryan finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and began The Courage of Sarah Noble today and Brendan continues to be a voracious reader!  Brendan conducted three science experiments today using chewed gum (ewww), soap, tissue, pepper, and several other items.  He was learning about how soap decreases water tension.  The boat experiment was really neat – the boat with the soap actually moved like it had a motor on the back.  Of course, the boys had to then make a bigger boat to see how fast it would go – LOL!  We also went on a scavenger hunt and had fun looking for different things in nature.  What a fun day :)!

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