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So, today we read about Joseph’s amazing forgivenesss of his brothers and how he recognized that his past was part of God’s plan all along.  Brendan and Ryan both narrated the story of Joseph’s life and then wrote a brief summary for their Bible notebooks.  Ryan had several science experiments and we enjoyed getting outside and digging in the dirt – LOL!  Since Thanksgiving is coming soon, I found a neat idea to remind the kids of how blessed we are.  They will write one thing that they are thankful for on a slip of paper each day and before they know it, they’ll have a whole pocket full of blessings.

Last week, we took most of our Halloween candy and donated it to a dentist who gives $1.00 per pound and then ships the candy to our soldiers overseas.  We had 10 pounds of candy!!!  I think it’s a great idea and I know that our soldiers need the candy much more than we do!  The boys and I talked and decided that they wanted to use their $10 to help fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, so that will be our next field trip :).

Tomorrow is the big day and we’ll finally know who our President will be for the next four years.  I’ll be taking the kids with me to vote so they can see the process.  We reviewed all of the assignments that we’ve done for our Election unit study and I feel like the kids have a better understanding of how the process works.  We have talked about how God already knows who is going to win the election, how we can do our part by exercising our right to vote, and how we are to respect those who are in authority even if we don’t agree with all of their decisions.  Tomorrow will be an exciting day!

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