Titanic,Towers, and Flowers:

This morning, we continued learning about Moses and how God called him to go to the Pharoah to tell him to let the Israelites go.  We had a good talk yesterday about how Moses kept giving God excuses about how he couldn’t do what God asked him to do…I told Brendan and Ryan how I felt the same way when I felt God calling me to homeschool (and yes, I was full of excuses too :)).  Thank goodness God is VERY patient with us!!!  We will be studying the ten plagues starting tomorrow, so be prepared for an interesting few days (hee, hee)!

We have our report group in three weeks, and the kids have chosen their next topics – Brendan decided to do his report on the Titanic and Ryan chose to do his on Legos.  I told the kids about a Lego challenge that I read about yesterday and they decided that they wanted to build a tower that touched the ceiling too – it was a great lesson on teamwork, engineering, persistence, and patience – LOL!  It’s so much fun when the kids get to research and study things that interest them personally!

In science, Brendan has started working on his study guide for Module #3  and Ryan continues to learn about plants.  Their workbox assignments today included language arts, math, guitar, reading, and a few other things.  Thanksgiving is only a week away and it’s been fun to see what the kids write daily for their pumpkin activity!

Justin was in the schoolroom last night and wanted to know why I had a picture of President Obama hanging on the wall.  I put it up to help remind us that God wants us to pray for our leaders.  I also put a picture of Tata on our “prayer wall”.  She is the child that we have been sponsoring for the last 6 or 7 years (through Compassion International).  We write to each other regularly and iti’s been neat to see her grow up over the years.  Here are some pictures from today:

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