Boils, Boils, Everywhere :(

Today we “experienced” the plague of the boils.  I had always pictured boils as small bumps or pimples until the last year or so. Justin (my poor husband) has had a few boils and they are NOT fun!  They are big, red, and very painful!  I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have boils all over my body – OUCH!  I have a much better perspective now, and so do the kids after seeing their dad suffer with boils in the past.  We also read about the plague of lightning and hail – if I wasn’t fighting a cold and felt better, I would’ve pelted the kids with ice cubes, but I didn’t feel like cleaning up little puddles of water today, so they lucked out this time 🙂 !

Our new Greek word of the week is phone which means sound and the next commandment is you shall not steal.  Ryan had a few science experiments dealing with vinegar, salt, and chemical reactions.  His seeds from last week are growing well!  We started a new read aloud by Patricia St. John called Treasures of the Snow this morningThe story started off talking about Christmas and how Jesus was born in a stable, which is perfect because we will be focusing on the real meaning of Christmas and the Advent season over the next few weeks.  We also spent some time working on our projects, covered spelling, reading, grammar, music, art, and math.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

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One thought on “Boils, Boils, Everywhere :(

  1. Ouch! Boils all over you! I bet Justin can relate!!

    Ryan’s little garden is growing well. I know he can’t wait to taste his home grown lima beans! Ha!

    Hope the teacher is feeling much better! 🙂

    Love you all,

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