The Passover Lamb

OK, for some strange reason WordPress won’t let me add a slideshow today.  Anyway, we had a busy day today and covered tons of work!  Our Bible lesson was on the Passover – the boys met our Passover lamb and named him “Woolly” (Max was very curious about our new “pet”) :).  We watched a video about how the Israelites were to take an unblemeished, one year old, male lamb into their homes and care for it for 4 days before sacrificing it, spreading its blood on their doorframes, and eating the meat as part of a special meal.  We talked about how attached we can become to animals and how it would be hard to kill an innocent lamb.  Then we discussed how Jesus came as the “Lamb of God”, lived a sinless life, and sacrificed His life to cover our sins and make a way for us to have a personall relationship with God.  We will celebrate Passover in the spring, but needed to talk about it since it was an important part of the last plague and the beginning of the exodus into the promised land.

Brendan did awesome on his Science test (good job B :)) and Ryan performed a neat experiment using boiled red cabbage water as to test the ph of acids and bases – very cool!  We also worked on math, writing, grammar, art, music, and reading.  For art, I had the kids read a few pages from God and the History of Art and told them to “highlight the important parts”.  I saw Ryan’s paper and said, “oh, cool, you colored the cross!” and he said “well, you told me to highlight the important parts and Jesus dying on the cross is important!” – LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “The Passover Lamb

  1. Love the little lamb, Woolly! Good lesson, too!

    Great job, Brendan–a “B” on your test! And, Ryan, neat experiment with the cabbage and great art work!

    Love you all so much!


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