Sharing Christmas Cheer!

This morning, a group of us went Christmas caroling at a local retirement home and we had a blast!  I LOVE seeing the residnents’ faces light up when they see the kids :)!  I hope that we brought a little Christmas cheer to their day – I know that spending time with the residents blessed my heart!!!

We are now officially on Christmas break – WOO, HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 IMG_2652 IMG_2651 IMG_2647 IMG_2646 IMG_2644 IMG_2643 IMG_2642 IMG_2641 IMG_2640 IMG_2639 IMG_2638 IMG_2634 IMG_2633 IMG_2632 IMG_2630 IMG_2628 IMG_2627 IMG_2626 IMG_2625 IMG_2623 IMG_2620 IMG_2618 IMG_2617 IMG_2616 IMG_2612 IMG_2609 IMG_2608 IMG_2607 IMG_2606 IMG_2605 IMG_2604 IMG_2602 IMG_2599 IMG_2598 IMG_2596 IMG_2595 IMG_2593 IMG_2592 IMG_2591 IMG_2590 IMG_2589 IMG_2588 IMG_2587 IMG_2585 IMG_2584 IMG_2578 IMG_2572 IMG_2570 IMG_2569 IMG_2568 IMG_2566 IMG_2564 IMG_2563 IMG_2561 IMG_2559 IMG_2557 IMG_2556 IMG_2555 IMG_2554 IMG_2553 IMG_2552 IMG_2551 IMG_2550 IMG_2549 IMG_2548 IMG_2547 IMG_2541 IMG_2540 IMG_2539 IMG_2538 IMG_2534 IMG_2532

One thought on “Sharing Christmas Cheer!

  1. I love the extra notebook pages you did on the Tabernacle. Did you put that together yourself, or did you find a resource? I’m looking at your blog for ideas for our CTG next year. Please email me if you can help!

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