Greek 4 da week :) :

I don’t have anything earth shattering to share today, but here are a few pictures:

We started learning about Ruth and Naomi this morning and talked about how women who were widowed in those times were dependent on others to care for them.  The boys thought it was funny that they’d have to take care of me if Justin died and we lived back then (the sons were to care for their mother)!  Our Greek word for the week, or as Brendan says, “da greek 4 da week” :), is dia which means through, between, or across.  We decided to pull two families per week to pray for so we can get everybody in this school year and today we chose the Arkesteyns and the Phillips.  The boys had P.E. this afternoon and played kickball.  I can’t believe that it’s over 70 degrees outside…I hope everybody is enjoying this beautiful weather!!!

My Baby is a Teenager!!!

Thirteen years ago today, I became a mom for the first time.  That sweet little bundle of joy changed my life forever.  Brendan taught me that life is precious, that time goes by in the blink of an eye, and that life isn’t about me.  Becoming a mom has a way of teaching you that life down not revolve around you :)!  He taught me to treasure the small things…a sweet smile, joy over a frog or butterfly, slowing down to put your toes in the sand, how much fun it is to build a tower just to knock it down, and so much more.  I am thankful beyond words that God blessed us with Brendan.  I am so proud of the young man he is becoming and pray that God will continue to bless him and lead him as he heads into adulthood.  I know that God has great things planned for Brendan and I am so glad that I get to be part of the journey!

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Recital Day!

The boys had their recital this afternoon and I am one proud mama 🙂 !  They both worked hard, practiced daily, and overcame their nerves to perform today…and they did greatGood job Brendan and Ryan!!!

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You can click on the links below to see their performances:

Ryan’s Performance

Brendan’s Performance

No “Snow Day” for Us :)

We got less than an inch of snow last night and woke up to find out that our county cancelled school for the day (?).  Sorry Brendan and Ryan, but the path to our schoolroom is perfectly clear :)!  We actually had a great day and got to complete some fun projects and science experiments.

We continued reading about Samson and The Case for Christ during Bible.  The boys took a test on their Greek words and they both did wonderful!  It’s neat to see how you can figure out the meanings of various words by learning the root words/definitions.  We also covered art and writing before we started working on our projects.  Brendan watched a cool video while he built a robot and Ryan and I worked together to build a model of the Apollo 13 space capsule.

For science, we got to rub the egg shell (after soaking in vinegar for over 24 hours) off of an egg and observe the insides which were still held intact by a thin membrane.  The yolk represented the nucleas of a cell and the egg white represented the cytoplasm.  Pretty cool!  Then we conducted an experiment to test the process of osmosis.  We boiled half of a potato for 10 minutes to kill the cells.  After adding a teaspoon of salt to the boiled half and the raw half, we observed that the salt on the raw half absorbed water while the salt on the boiled potato did not (only live cells can undergo osmosis).

One more day of school until our three day weekend (Monday is Brendan’s birthday 🙂 )!!!

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