More Lego Creations:

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Happy Thursday!  Is it just me or is it hard to get back into a routine after Christmas vacation???  I think this is what homeschoolers call the “Winter Slump” 😦 .  Well, with God’s help we will push through!  Brendan and Ryan’s assignments today included reading, writing, math, and designing a guitar using Legos.  Their guitars turned out great!!!  Brendan even built a guitar stand to hold his! I love seeing how each child creates things differently.

We also went to the orthodontist this morning and got very good news – Brendan’s teeth are looking much better and Ryan probably won’t need braces at all – woo, hoo!!!

I included a picture of all the sweet Christmas cards we received this year.  We are soooo blessed to have so many amazing friends and family members!   One of my friends (thanks Cindy) suggested on her blog to pick one family each week to pray for during the next year, so we are borrowing that awesome idea!  I put a “pocket” on our prayer wall so that we can choose a different family to pray for each week.  If anyone has any specific prayer requests, please let us know!

2 thoughts on “More Lego Creations:

  1. Hi Brendan and Ryan,

    I LOVE your Lego guitars!! They are soooo cool! And, you guys are soooooo talented!

    I love you soooo much! 🙂


  2. As a homeschooled student, I know what you mean by “winter slump”. I am in it right now. I do not feel like doing any school but yet I know I must…I like that you have a picture of Teaching Textbooks (awesome math curriculum). As for the orthodontics I going to have my checkup in a couple of days. He said I was supposed to have them off by now. Please pray that everything will go smoothly and that I won’t have to have a THIRD set of braces 🙂

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