Dodge…the camera???

Ok, so you know how my kids are usually smiling in the pictures that I take?  Well, it’s not always easy to get those smiles (surprise, right?). They were not happy when I showed up at P.E. (during dodgeball) with the camera today, but “a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do” 😉 !  We covered a lot of schoolwork today including Bible/history, Greek, language arts, math, art, and reading.  We finished our assigned read aloud and I will probably be reading The Case for Christ for Kids over the next week or so and in-between our other assigned books.  Ryan had a math quiz today and only missed one problem – he’s doing great and has gained confidence over the past few months.  Brendan completed his lesson and didn’t miss any – yeah!  Dad is usually the one that helps with Math 7 (if/when Brendan needs extra help) since math is not my favorite subject.  I ran to the library while the kids were at P.E. and stocked up on new books and videos.  Ryan has decided to do his project on Apollo 13 and Brendan wants to do his research and report on robots.  Thank you Father for another fun-filled day at the Hatfield homeschool!!!

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One thought on “Dodge…the camera???

  1. Don’t like you taking their pictures at PE! That’s for sure! HA!

    Geez, Mom, lose the camera! 🙂

    Yall have a great day tomorrow and stay warm! Brrrrrrr!

    Love yall lots and lots!


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